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Turn on—for work or play. Spark produces a sharp focus when you need a burst of energy or creativity throughout the day.
Pull an all-nighter. Go on an early-morning hike. Whether you’re creating art or working hard, Spark is designed to lift you up and ignite your mind.

THC:CBD = 1:3

A high presence of CBD keeps your energy up and promotes functional focus.


Spark lifts you up with terpinolene, calms you down with beta-caryophyllene, and refreshes you with citral.


Grapefruit scents provide a natural mood enhancer.


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For thousands of years, humans have cherished their relationship to cannabis using it as food, fiber, medicine, and a path to spiritual experience.



Today people can experience the benefits of cannabis in a personal fashion. We believe everyone should have access to the magic of this plant in a way that is specific for them.


We are growing all-natural, top-quality cannabis that produces specific effects through high-integrity growing. Effects that shine through our respect for the whole plant.


Our Grow

We have a rich history of growing all-natural cannabis at the Sunday Goods farm: a seven-acre Dutch glass greenhouse in Willcox, AZ. We are devoted to cultivating high quality, sun-grown, sustainable flower in the controlled environment of a greenhouse, hydrated by our own geothermal well.

Our Grow Partners

We provide the same standards of unwavering quality through our selection of California partners. Everyone we work with is committed to cultivating high quality genetics, hand-trimming flower and prioritizing energy efficiency.

Our Innovation

In addition to all-natural flowers, we create the highest quality infused and extracted products through clean methods meant to respect and preserve the qualities of the original plant.
We are making cannabis experiences natural and consistent.


Learn more about the values we live by:

Respectful Inclusivity

Everyone should have the products and information they need to find the cannabis experience that’s right for them.


People should be free to choose the experiences that are right for them, to choose what they want to put in their body and choose how they want to feel.

Nurturing Education

We believe in educating people about respectful use of cannabis and providing it to them in understandable forms to safely experience.

Leadership By Example

Setting the standards for education, growing practices and consistency to transform the industry.

Reverence For Nature

We believe that there is healing magic in this plant to be respected.


Experiences people have with the Sunday Goods products should be true to our information and our products should be true to their nature.


Everybody stands to benefit from the liberating power of this plant. Enjoy.


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