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Mochi is an Indica-dominant hybrid born of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The dense buds are visually stunning with a frosty amethyst-jade coloration dotted with sparkly red hairs. The flavor is syrupy-sweet and minty with just a touch of fruity, flowery essence, much like an indulgent dessert. The fragrance is reminiscent of a scented candle or burnt incense.

The immediate high is energetic but also soothing, and it continues into a melting, full-body high that brings euphoric creativity and pleasant aura. Mochi is smooth and will leave you feeling relaxed and mellow. When used medicinally, it can help calm stress and insomnia, combat lack of appetite, lift depression and ease eye pressure.

Saucey products are known by their flavor and purity, and their talented team brings the best of these to the table with every batch they create. Just like a fine wine, also handcrafted cannabis batches have their own distinctive, defining characters.




WARNING: Smoking or consuming cannabis products can expose you to marijuana smoke which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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At Saucey, cannabis is our passion. Everyone in our organization takes great pride in our work. We’re happy to provide a wide assortment of premier products for people on each stage of their cannabis journey, from novice users to experienced connoisseurs.

Our artisanal cannabis products begin with a dedicated team of master cultivators and experts in cannabinoid research who monitor every stage of production. We screen to select only those seeds that have the most desirable genetic components. Once they sprout, each plant is carefully nurtured throughout the growth cycle using techniques designed to create the finest possible cannabis flowers. By taking a craft approach in cultivating small batches, we can ensure ultra-premium quality in every product we offer.

Saucey products are known by their flavor and purity, and our talented team brings the best of these to the table with every batch they create. Because safety and efficacy are at the top of our list of priorities, our products are all thoroughly tested in our full panel lab to ensure the utmost adherence to our extremely high standards. Just like a fine wine, our handcrafted cannabis batches have their own distinctive, defining characters.

True Full-Spectrum

We offer an extensive selection of products ranging from vape cartridges to cannabis flower and just about everything in between with the highest potency available anywhere.

Our proprietary refining process results in ultra-refined cannabis oils with higher levels of psychoactive elements than available previously.

Not all cannabis cartridges are created the same. Until now, all cannabis oil extraction methods have required the stripping of the naturally grown mother terpenes from the bud. Mother terpenes are the unique, flavorful and aromatic oils that largely contribute to the effects the plant provides. Unlike other brands, we’ve never used distillate or blended any type of cutting agent in our cart. Saucey Vape Cartridges are curated using a patented proprietary extraction method using cannabis chromatography.

Cannabis Chromatography is a state-of-the-art extraction method with the unique ability to identify, isolate and extract the most highly prized beneficial cannabinoid compounds: THC, CBD, CBN, CBH and the beneficial true mother terpenes. Our manufacturer has an unparalleled depth of experience with this incredible technology, which means that each Saucey cart is guaranteed reliable and consistent with each batch. With True Full-Spectrum, Saucey vape carts deliver the highest of terpene benefits along with CBD-heavy THC percentages of 85 percent and above. Consumers can choose from a variety of flavors, all delivered with a true full entourage effect.

Customers rave about the full-spectrum high that these oils provide, and that includes celebrity customers. Saucey Farms & Extracts has attracted significant support from leading lights in the entertainment industry, such as legendary Harlem rapper Jim Jones, who’s partnered with Saucey Farms & Extracts to bring the best in cannabis to the forefront of the public eye.

Saucey: The Brand Ideal for Everyone

Our search has come full-circle. We started out looking for cannabis that would meet everyone’s needs and ended up creating it. Saucey is the brand for hustling adults, creative minds, the future generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. It’s a brand perfect for busy mothers and fashion-forward aunties. It’s the brand your grandparents choose and use in confidence. Saucey has the look, vibe, caliber and consistency California craves, a New York flair fused with Cali quality.

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