Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance “Confidential Cheese” Jar


Glass Jar Pre-weighed 1/8ths

Grown by the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance (SCVA): Confidential Cheese is a potent (THC levels reported as high as 30%), positive-mood-enhancing, Indica-Dominant, evening hybrid union of the Skunk #1 cut of Exodus Cheese and LA Confidential. With its unmistakably stinky smell of sour cheese and skunk (with just a touch of sweetness), this sociable strain elicits an energetic mind high and heavily relaxing body buzz.

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Our mission at the SC Veterans Alliance (SCVA) is to provide the public and our veterans with safe access to the highest quality, lab-tested medical cannabis. The cornerstone of SCVA is our Veteran Compassion Program (VCP). Through the VCP every veteran member of this collective receives FREE, top quality, lab-tested medical cannabis. It’s our way of honoring fellow veterans and assisting especially those veterans who have service-related disabilities. This program allows our members to receive information on medicinal cannabis and veterans benefits and services in our area.

SCVA strives to be a community for veterans and supporters to reach out to one another. We want to create a place for veterans to speak about their combat experiences and the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis, specifically as it relates to the traumas of war. We promote the medicinal benefits of cannabis and how to better address issues of pharmaceutical dependence, depression, anxiety, anger, and other ailments.

The SCVA team also hopes to bring awareness to the issue of veteran suicide, which occurs at a staggering rate of at least 22 a day. Our hope is that one day, the Department of Veterans Affairs will treat cannabis as a legitimate medical alternative to dangerous pharmaceuticals.


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