Mary Janes Flower – Limon


Limon is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the insanely delicious Sour Diesel X Strawberry Diesel X NYC Diesel strainsEven with the heavy diesel parentage

Limon takes on more of a citrusy lemon effect in terms of flavor and smellwith a sweet berry undertone to matchwith cerebral effects that are perfect for days when you need to be productive and actually get things doneThe high starts with a euphoric rush of energy and happiness just a few seconds after exhale

This quickly infuses you with a sense of focus and mental clarity that lends itself well to any mental task at handThe high level of focus and alertness can prove to be overwhelming to somecausing headaches or anxietyso be wary of how much Limon you have at once

These longlasting effects in combination with its super high 1619average THC level make Limon ideal for treating conditions such as chronic fatiguemigraines or headachesdepressionand inflammation.



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