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Black Jack is the crossing of Jack Herer (Haze x Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk) and Black Domina (Afghanistan x Ortega x Northern Lights x Hash Plant). Black Jack’s taste is heavy and flavorful and the strain produces exceptionally long-lasting effects. If you’re looking for an uplifting head high that’s pretty well balanced with a relaxing body buzz. Complementary effects are sure to please picky patients by infusing creative energy with a relaxing pain-erasing body buzz that will leave you relaxed. A sense of focus comes with the high letting you concentrate on mild activities like watching Netflix or playing video games.

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What started in 2015 as a nudge from the universe immediately transformed into a business built on intention, transparency and positive energy. Everyone at Caliva is powered by our passion for plant-based solutions and purpose to deliver natural, more sustainable wellness options that allow people to lead healthier, happier lives.

We are more than a company; we are a group of people working together with focus in everything we do. Our team is filled with passionate, happy people — and a shaman who blesses our plants with good vibes every Wednesday. We believe the positive energy we put into our work and the plant is essential to creating amazing products. This is the heart of our ethos at Caliva.

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