Avidekel CBD-rich Tincture 600mg


Tikun’s Avidekel strain is the most researched strain in the world, and is CBD-rich with less than 1% THC. Our full-spectrum cannabis oil tincture is made with high-purity distillate and all-natural ingredients – avocado oil, single strain cannabis oil, and orange peel extract. Using CO2, we extract the oil from the whole flower, purify it to a high degree, and then reintroduce the strain-specific terpenes – preserving the full strain cannabinoid and terpene profile.


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15 years of experience, Tikun is a recognized global pioneer and leader in medical cannabis research drawing upon the knowledge of top experts in the areas of cannabis cultivation, research, operations and product development. The company continually examines the effects its strains and products have in the treatment and management of specific symptoms and diseases. Tikun is committed to product quality and wellness, and cultivates only premium cannabis in the lab and in the field with its business partners to ensure the consistency of its medical cannabis products.

Tikun’s scientists and cultivators have developed exclusive proprietary strains designed to bring therapeutic relief and quality of life improvements to patients and their families. Based on years of extensive research, Tikun’s strains and products have been devised to address a variety of patient maladies, including pain reduction, loss of appetite, inflammation, nausea, dementia, and insomnia among other conditions. The company continues to collaborate with scientists, universities and hospitals participating in medical studies on the use of cannabis, its effects and therapeutic benefits.

We strive to improve lives of those struggling with pain and debilitating conditions, and those simply seeking a greater sense of well being. It follows the ancient concept of Tikun Olam, meaning, “repair the world.” We honor that directive by pioneering medical cannabis research and cultivation that serves patients around the globe.


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