Albert Einstone’s El Bluntito x MKC – Super Glue w/Hash – 4 x .85G


El Bluntito 4-Pack – The World’s Finest Cannabis Cigarillo

Infused with the highest grade Melty Ice Water Hash – 4 x .85 grams of top shelf cannabis infused with melty ice-water hash (3.4 grams total)

– Full flower nugs, broken down by hand

– Custom glass filter tip

– 100% tobacco-free all-natural hemp wrap

– Re-sealable glass jar

– Great for sharing!

Strain Details: Super Glue (Hybrid)

Superglue is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that produces a functional and relaxing high to the mind and body. Smelling of pine and a sweet caramel aroma, this strain is bred by Seedism Seeds. Superglue is made by crossing Afghani and Northern Light. Those who enjoy Superglue say it relaxes you while still leaving you functional and energetic enough for social activities or even a productive afternoon.

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