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There are no charges for delivery. All that is required for delivery is that each patient meet their city’s Minimum Order requirement.

South San Francisco to Burlingame Region $100 Order Minimum
San Mateo to Mountain View Region $60 Order Minimum
Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara $80 Order Minimum

San Jose Region $100 Order Minimum

Mary Jane’s Delivery accepts two forms of payment. Cash donations and/or credit/debit card accepted upon delivery.

Delivery wait times can vary through out the day. Most orders are delivered within 60 to 90 minutes from when order was received.

Mary Jane’s is in full compliance with the California state laws. Therefore we require that you are an adult of the age 18+, a California resident (proof such as a California Identification Card or Drivers Licence is required), you must be a Valid Cannabis verified Patient of the state or provide proof that you are a primary caregiver for a valid patient (proof such as the doctors signed recommendation or California cannabis card is required).